Cinematical was just given an exclusive first-look at the brand new poster for Funny Games(click on the image for a larger version), written and directed by Michael Haneke (who, interestingly enough, is remaking his own film of the same name from 1997). This time around, the English-language version will feature Naomi Watts, Tim Roth and Devon Gearhart as a family who've decided to spend a fabulous weekend away at their lakeside vacation cabin. Problems for the three arrive in the form of two white-gloved strangers, as played by Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet, who aren't exactly passing out Girl Scout Cookies. Psychological and physical torture ensues.

I was real fond of the recently-released trailer for Funny Games, which kind of dresses up the horrific premise in a darkly comedic tone. This new poster, which boasts a tagline that reads: "You Must Admit, You Brought This On Yourself," reminds me of the cover of a novel that I'd immediately pick up if it were out on a bookshelf somewhere. I'm also a huge fan of Tim Roth (who's about to hit mainstream audiences in a big way next year, starring in both Funny Games and The Incredible Hulk), dig the role choices Naomi Watts has been making lately and have nothing but good things to say about the up-and-coming Michael Pitt. Funny Games is due out in theaters on February 15, 2008.