Alice Kelikian, a professor at Brandeis and Chair of their Film Studies Program just pulled off one heck of a feat: she's convinced Werner Herzog and Errol Morris to reunite for the first time in almost 30 years, according to And the Winner Is. The talented filmmakers will come together on October 22 at the Edie and Lew Wasserman Cinematheque on the Brandeis campus in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, we won't all get to see the event -- it's open to some students and invited guests. Hopefully they'll record it, because this is a pretty big deal.

The dispute between the filmmakers dates back three decades. Morris had told Herzog that he was going to make a documentary about pet cemeteries. Werner didn't think he could do it, and told Morris that if he pulled it off, he would eat his own shoe. True to both their words, Errol made 1980's Gates of Heaven, and Herzog was left with a big meal of tasty shoe. To make good on his promise, Herzog did it at the premiere of the doc, boiling and eating his shoe, which later became Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe. That, apparently, angered Morris and the two have been at odds since. Will they talk about the feud? Will they remain civil? Or, will this become a live action celebrity death match?
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