If you are extremely bored today, and are an extreme Sex and the Cityfan, then this video from MTV Movies Blog may be of interest to you. It's the first footage from the set of the highly anticipated Sex and the City: The Movie, and ... it's rather lackluster. Actually, it may even disappoint die-hard SATC fans since it doesn't feature Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte (aka Sarah Jessica, Kim, Cynthia or Kristin). Nor does it feature any of the male actors who will be returning from the hit TV show. But it does showcase one of the movie's big stars: Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson. And she's really showing us the Academy was right, because the way she walks into that doorway is brilliant! Yeah, that's all we get to see. Nothing special.

Here's a reason you may want to watch: you want to check out the outfit that Hudson is wearing. Feel free to comment below, because I'm no fashion expert and I can't describe it (I like those boots, though). Another reason: you love New York locations and want to see where this shot is being filmed. First person to chime in with the correct spot wins ... the honor of knowing the city pretty well. I'll give you a hint: pay attention to the upper left corner of the screen for a distinct landmark. Also, I have to point out that the building Hudson is entering has been used in countless movies in the past -- though usually from the inside, and upstairs.

If you want more goods on the filming of SATC:TM, we shared a few location photos recently (care of AICN), and there's a few group shots that are currently up on the IMDb for your enjoyment. Also, if you don't mind spoilers, Monika revealed some plot points (again care of AICN) a week ago. Otherwise, feel free to wait until next May, when Sex and the City: The Movie hits theaters.

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