Wow, we got a better response to last week's Sydney White contest than we anticipated. That must mean one of two things: You really are big Amanda Bynes fans, and celebrate her entire catalog. Or maybe you're hurting for beer money and think a Bynes-autographed poster will score you some cheddar on eBay. On second thought, highly doubt it's the latter. So congrats to our Bynes maniacs below.

Sydney White1. "...And then he totally gave me an A!" -- Gregory R.

2. "I can't feel my hands!"
-- Aaron L.

3. "I know! I got my Prozac perscription refilled!" -- Kayla W.

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This week we're stepping it up a little, with three copies of the special one-disc edition of the Knocked Up DVD to give away. So free the inner-Apatow within you and make us "cackle" -- not only will we send you the DVD, but you'll get a Knocked Up dartboard, door hanger and bumper sticker as well. Sorry, no clothing this week. And a special heads up for next week: We'll be giving away our BIGGEST prize yet (and you know I don't use Caps Lock lightly). Bigger than the Eragon snowboard. Bigger than the guitar. Bigger than the HD DVD player. Yes, even bigger than the Mr. Woodcock hats! Good luck, and come back next Thursday at 4 PM to see this week's winners and find out what all the fuss is about...

Knocked Up