With Balls of Fury, I thought we were going to go in a new direction with sports movies -- taking that Karate Kid feel and putting it into another alternative sports form. Not quite. Christopher Campbell just told you about Will Smith re-creating the famous movie for his son, Jaden, to star in. (My pitch: That karate lady Hilary Swank comes to teach the ways to the young Smith! Yeah, I'm not taking the whole project seriously.) Now we're getting another one, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Summit Entertainment has grabbed Sensei, a comedy spec from David Caspe. Either that whole collective conscious thing is working in full force, or there's a lot of sneaky idea snooping going on.

It might have all started a few years ago, when stuntwoman/actress Diana Lee Inosanto had trouble shooting her freshman debut, the indie film The Sensei, which is supposed to come out this year. The Columbine school district wouldn't let her film on location because scenes of bullying would hurt their healing process. It's about a gay kid who learns martial arts to defend himself when the AIDS crisis inspires kids to beat on him. Did the others hear about this flick and then decide to saccharine it up a bit?

This comedic Sensei, without the "The" is much lighter -- it's about "an overweight former karate champion who agrees to a nationally televised rematch with his nemesis to settle a score the two have kept since an historic 1984 showdown." That just so happens to be the year The Karate Kid came out, so man, I would definitely go to see this if they got Ralph Macchio to gain and lose a lot of weight to have a rematch against William Zabka, even if they're different characters. That would be excellent. What do you think?
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