All of you aspiring screenwriters might want to pay attention to this little story. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Universal Pictures has picked up a new comedy spec from new writer Ben Frahm called Dr. Sensitive. The flick is about an insensitive doc and will produced, and maybe directed by Tom Shadyac, who helmed the similarly-themed Liar Liar, as well as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and the two recent Almighty comedies. Considering the man's history, this very well could be another Jim Carrey movie. That's all the news there is about the script, but the real story here is in Frahm.

Like many star-eyed hopefuls, Frahm left Ithaca, NY to head west and try his hand at writing a few years ago. Like most, he found another job to make money -- working as a special-needs teacher at a middle school. But this is where his luck turned away from the future of many hopefuls. While helping the kids, he wrote a draft of the script and shopped it around. Some companies were interested, but they wanted to give it to a writer in the biz to handle, leaving him only with a "story by" credit. While some would have jumped, he didn't. Then Nick Osborne, from Underground Films, spotted his script and query. The two worked together for a year on the script, teamed with Shady Acres, and then got the guy a mid-six figures deal with Universal. So, it's nice to know that some people who stick by their guns actually make it. If you're determined to be one of them -- let this be some hope!

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