It's been awhile since we all got together and complained about Spider-Man 3, and although the topic is a tad old, I came across an animated video today that's worth a watch. It's from the same peeps who put out all those How It Should've Ended videos; I'm not sure if you've watched any of their stuff, but some of it's pretty damn funny. Their latest takes a look at Spider-Man 3, and offers up suggestions on how it should've ended. But it's not just the ending; they actually go through most of the film, in brief snippets, and give their take on how certain scenes would've played better. Keep in mind it's supposed to be comedic in tone -- so when Spidey drops down to find a little kid who's pissed off about all the narration, don't take it seriously. (Although a scene like that in the actual film would've rocked.)

Apart from the Spidey 3 video, they also tackle films like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest,Superman ("Villain's are stupid"), Lord of the Rings, The Matrix Revolutions, Star Wars Episode IV, The Blair Witch Project (one of the funnier ones) and a fake trailer for Ocean's 40, featuring cartoon images of the 40 actors they'd need for the film. If you're looking to waste some time on Friday afternoon, might I suggest heading over to their YouTube page -- there's plenty of content to check out, and a good majority of it will have you LOL'ing all day long. For those interested, I've included the Spider-Man 3 video up top.

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