Get ready for more cringing: another Jackass movie is on its way. This was a given after Jackass Number Twomade so much money, and there were reports last year that Jackass 3 was officially greenlit by Paramount. But now we've gotten news that it is definitely happening, with sequences to begin shooting at the beginning of the next year. According to /Film, who heard it on Howard Stern, Steve-O has been told to rest up because they begin production in January. Poor Bam, who expressed at the end of Number Two his hope that there'd be no Jackass 3. I guess he could drop out of this round, as could any other regular who can't take another feature's worth of mayhem and injury. Just as long as Chris Pontius and Wee-Man don't quit.

I'll admit that I'm looking forward to it. It's funny, though, because when the first Jackass: The Moviecame out, I was working in a movie theater and I refused to watch it, even for free. I didn't even like cleaning up the auditorium during the final credits. It just wasn't my cup of tea. But then some friends dragged me to the sequel -- which I reluctantly paid for (or maybe a buddy bought mine) -- and actually found ways to appreciate it. Plus, I laughed my ass off, too. By the time they dragged Mark Zupan out for some wheelchair shenanigans, I was sold. And I think that most moviegoers have reason to like Jackass too. Aside from not having a plot, it has all that audiences crave these days: gross-out comedy; action-packed scenarios; a little bit of the torture horror; some sports sequences; and, of course, male nudity. Plus, there's occasional homages to people like Buster Keaton and Busby Berkeley for the cineastes. For those who can't get enough of the hijinx, and don't want to wait until whenever Jackass 3 hits theaters (I'd guess a year from now), there's also the straight-to-dvd outtakes compilation Jackass 2.5, which hits stores this Christmas.
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