Sometimes I guess it really does help to know the right people. Varietyreports that Scott Rudin along with Miramax have secured the rights to the novel The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Oscar was written by Junot Diaz, and the novel centers on an awkward overweight teen struggling to fit in at Rutger University. While following Oscar in his quest for love, the reader learns of the troubled history of his family in the Dominican Republic. Rudin had managed to score an early look at the manuscript for the book and was setting up meetings with Diaz, before the book had even come up for auction -- see what I mean about 'knowing people'?

Rudin, along with Miramax, already has some high profile flicks headed for theaters this fall. It's quite a coup that Rudin has managed to score; including some of the big Oscar contenders for 2007: Wes Anderson' The Darjeeling Limited (you can catch Erik's NYFF review here), Noah Baumbach's Margot at the Wedding, the Coen's No Country for Old Men and Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood (you can read Scott's review of Blood here). Rudin will be co-producing Oscar with Miramax, but there is no word on a director or a cast. Rudin has already lined up more Oscar-bait for the coming year. In 2008, he will produce The Reader with Nicole Kidman and Ralph Fiennes (if they can ever find a location, that is) and he will also be producing the animated flick The Fantastic Mr. Fox with Cate Blanchett. So start setting the odds for your Oscar pools now.
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