It's a fact I can attest to -- when she walked into the roundtable room for Black Book, every guy shut up immediately, which is pretty rare. But anyway ... some Dutch movie website is reporting that van Houten has cemented her latest leading role in an A-list project, landing the female lead in the crime drama Body of Lies, starring Leo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. (An early pic of the film, which is shooting right now, appeared over at Hollywood-Elsewhere on Friday.) For all I know, this movie website could be the Dutch version of Star Magazine, but JoBlo got someone to translate it and they seem to think it's legit. Either way, I'm starting to wonder -- does van Houten have a publicist? Her last starring role, as poet Ingrid Jonker in the film Smoke and Ochre, was first reported in Time Out, of all places, and now this.

It was also recently reported that van Houten's march to the top will bypass the Bond franchise -- Paul Haggis came out and admitted there was no part for the actress in the upcoming installment. I can't imagine what he's thinking, but then again, I muttered the same thing to myself the whole time I was watching Crash. Perhaps van Houten simply felt Bond was beneath her at this point -- she's already landed a leading lady role in Valkyrie for next year, and now she'll apparently be sidling up to Leo as well. Why would she need the stigma of being a Bond girl? As far as I'm concerned, she's the new Garbo -- the best new star to be found in the last ten years, at least.

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