Last year, Dean Lorey, the writer of instant classics like My Boyfriend's Back, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, and Major Payne did the seemingly impossible -- he sold movie rights to a book he hadn't sold to a publishing house yet. Universal had bought the story based on the manuscript, and Lorey was tapped to adapt it himself. The book finally came out last month, but Lorey is no longer getting to scribble the film's path to the big screen. I presume that the company got a little nervous about the writer's screenplay background, because The Hollywood Reporter tells us that David Reynolds will now be adapting Nightmare Academy. The movie will probably have a better shot with Reynolds, since his track record includes flicks like A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo.

Why is the company so interested in this project? I'm thinking that they're scheming up the next Harry Potter. Academy is about a kid named Charlie Benjamin who heads to the Nightmare Academy, which exists in a tree fort made of wrecked ships. The school trains kids to use their "unique gifts" to fight the monsters of the dark, but Charlie is more powerful than they could've imagine. With the help of his friends, he has to save everyone from evil that is plotting to destroy Earth. Yeah, so basically -- Hogwarts for monster fighters. Hopefully this project won't inspire little ones to take matters into their own hands and slay the monsters of the night -- especially if mom or dad decides to check in on the kid with nightmares, or fluffy the cat jumps on the bed for a late-night cuddle.

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