In an interview with Details Magazine, Ben Affleck comes off as a guy who's on his last set of legs. His last starring role was in the little-seen Hollywoodland, and before that he suffered through back-to-back bombs: Man About Town and Surviving Christmas. Now he's laying it all on the line with his first film behind the camera; his directorial debut, Gone, Baby, Gone. And if that movie doesn't do well, Ben says, "It's pretty simple. If people don't go see it -- I'm f**ked." Oh wait, he continues: "I feel like (Gone Baby Gone) is the linchpin for my life. My career. I have a lot riding on it. I want [the film] to work. Badly. I mean, a shitty movie comes out on 2,800 screens? I've been there and it's embarrassing."

So where does Ben think he went wrong? Well, part of it is due to his previous relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Ben admits, "It was probably bad for my career. What happens is this sort of bleed-over from the tabloids across your movie work. You go to a movie, you only go once. But the tabloids and Internet are everywhere." You're right Ben -- we are everywhere. But things are still looking pretty good for The Affleck; as of right now, his new movie is getting lots of buzz -- some are saying his brother Casey gives a terrific lead performance, and with help from The Assassination of Jesse James, we could be watching a new Affleck rise up to A-list status real soon. As far as Ben goes, we don't know what will happen to the guy after this film. Personally, I think he needs to re-team with Matt Damon on something, anything, but we'll see. Ben does admit that he might have to say goodbye to one thing he loves: his home in Los Angeles. "I'd be surprised if I'm still living here in a couple of years. Professionally it would be difficult. But that's not as important as that other thing."

Ben shot one of Moviefone's Unscripted pieces over the weekend alongside his brother Casey, and so I'm curious to see how he looks, and how he sounds. I'm worried about the guy. How about you?

[via SlashFilm]

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