Indie filmmakers are getting a little more bang for their buck, or rather buck for their bang, after a recent deal between the Toronto-based Canadian distributor Maximum Films and John Sloss' New York-based Cinetec Media. The Hollywood Reporter says that the latter is "known for tracking and identifying little-known indie film projects before financing and selling them, often at festivals," and this three-year deal gives Maximum the Canadian rights to them. This is a bit different than the usual rights distribution deals, where a company would get the North American rights, and then sub-license the rights to a Canadian distributor (with no input from the filmmaker).

For us lucky filmgoers in the land of the maple leaf, this means seeing titles such as Cinetec's recent grab -- Todd Haynes'I'm Not There. For filmmakers, it's a sweeter deal -- Sloss says it is "an aggressive and beneficial" deal for them, where a "high" percentage of the Canadian box office will get back to the indie flick's producer. It'll be interesting to see how this manifests in the world of independent filmmaking, since the deal cuts out the middle-man and gives indie filmmakers more money and control. Also, will this mean better distribution of Canadian indie flicks as well? Time will tell.
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