When a DVD calls itself a "Platinum Edition" you expect to get some pretty cool stuff on it, and the 40th Anniversary Platinum Edition of Walt Disney's The Jungle Book doesn't disappoint. The film itself has always been one of my favorite Disney animated films, and this DVD is stuffed with lots of interesting features that will satisfy both the kids and grownups in your house.

The feature itself is a spandy-new digital restoration from high-res scans of the original negative -- nearly 337,000 frames scanned for your enhanced viewing pleasure. For the first time, the film is on DVD in its original 1:75:1 aspect ratio, and it looks and sounds great. The vivid jungle color palette practically pops off the screen.

You know the basic storyline: Mowgli (voiced by Bruce Reitherman, who was also the voice of Christopher Robin in Winnie-the-Pooh and the Honey Tree), the "man-cub," is rescued and raised by wolves and grows up in the jungle, where he mysteriously acquires a stylish red loincloth and a cute little bobbed haircut. Mowgli's best friend is a bear named Baloo (perfectly voiced by 1940s bandleader Phil Harris, lending his distinctive dulcet tones to bring Baloo to life).