It may sound like a non-concept, but I've been waiting for a big, comedic spoof movie that all takes place in the realm of a food fight. It could be placed in a school cafeteria, a fancy restaurant full of old fogies, or anywhere in-between. I imagine this desire comes from the delectable food fight in the crappily-lovable '80s flick, Two of a Kind. (You know, that Olivia Newton John/John Travolta flick that wasn't a musical.) Considering the fact that enjoyable flicks have been made about missing cars, parties, and everything in-between, I'm sure the jokes could be found. However, since that dream is still far from reality, I'll have to settle for a little bit of The Candy Shop War, and hope that they at least have one good scene of candy-throwing and messiness -- melting chocolate, whipped cream -- the works!

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that New Regency Productions has picked up the rights to Brandon Mull's novel, The Candy Shop War. The book centers on "four kids who learn that their town's candy shop owner is a wicked magician in search of an ancient talisman rumored to be the source of eternal youth." Eternal life might be cool, but youth? That just sounds like a bad Claudia scenario. Anyhow, the plan is to have this film appeal to both tykes and adults, in a push to be the replacement for the soon-to-wrap Harry Potter series. So far, no producer has been been picked. But here's a crazy thought: instead of trying to cash in on the Potter fanbase with similar themes, why not come up with something fresh? New ideas have a better chance than a million similar stories trying to all be the same thing.
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