The Pablo Escobar biopic Killing Pablo has been in the works for ages. Way back in 2003, Joe Carnahan was tapped to adapt Mark Bowden's Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World's Greatest Outlaw, and to direct as well. A few years have passed, and now it looks like things are getting a move on. In April, the director told Cinematical that he was "constantly battling" with Javier Bardem to get him to play the big drug man. In June, Bardem talked with Ryan Stewart and seemed a bit apprehensive: "We are still ... he sent me the script. It's something that is in the back of our heads." But now Variety reports that producer Bob Yari is fast-tracking the project, and that Bardem and Christian Bale are set to star.

However, the site describes Bardem as only "slated" to appear. Has he actually, 100% signed on, or do they only expect him to? If he has, Carnahan must have worked through those battles and apprehension. To further confuse things, they also say that Bale is only in talks to play the guy who leads the hunt against the infamous drug cartel leader -- Major Steve Jacoby. At least as far back as July, IMDb has listen the actor as the production's only attached cast.

Whatever the case may be, while Yari is said to be fast-tracking the project now, he's not going crazy. The plan is to shoot next June if SAG agrees on a contract. If not, they'll wait until the strike is over. He says: "This has been a passion project of mine for years, and it will be a tentpole for our company [Yari Film Group]. I have been patient to get this done because I wanted the ideal director and cast. It was worth the wait." Now we'll just have to wait for the strike to determine when the early '90s hunt for Escobar hits the big screen.

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