If there's one thing you can say for Jan De Bont'sStopping Power, it's that it has, well, stopping power. After signing John Cusack to star in the flick, and then promising us a 51-minute chase scene to wrap up the film (can that finish a film if it's at least half of the movie?), production has stopped yet again. Variety reports that some investors have questioned their involvement with the picture and pulled their funding, which, of course, stopped the film dead in its tracks. (Here is a link to JoBlo, as Variety's link to the story isn't working.) While I would have been interested to see how one could possibly pull off an almost-hour-long chase sequence, this is probably for the best. Unless De Bont finds more suckers investors to take over.

Now I can only hope, yet again, that Cusack's next film has the same fate. This leads me to a thought: what happened to John Cusack? While he's still loved by many, his drawing power has diminished greatly. Although he has worked continually over the years; remember when he starred in Grosse Pointe Blank and became the "it" man once again? From there, he had some decent roles, and then hit things out of the ballpark again with Being John Malkovich and High Fidelity. He was the guy to see, but then something happened. Did the allure fade and we got too used to him being around? It's time he ignores the crap and finds another tasty movie to remind us just how great Lloyd Dobler is. What do you think has happened to Cusack?

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