In about five or ten years from now, these kids could be the next Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They're young, eager and starring in some of the highest grossing -- and in some cases, most critically-acclaimed -- films of the past few years. Who are they? What have they done? And where are they going from here? Moviefone has just launched their first annual list of 25 Under 25, showcasing the hottest up-and-coming actors under the age of -- you guessed it -- 25. While some of the names, including Shia Labeouf (age 21), Keira Knightley (age 22) and Emily Blunt (age 24) are well on their way to a long, successful career in front of the camera, can the same be said for the rest of them?

What about Daniel Radcliffe (age 18)? Sure, he's predominantly known as Harry Potter, but only for two more films. His other big-screen adventures haven't quite found a home yet (did anyone see December Boys?), and he'll have to segue from Potter to another big movie or franchise -- albeit one with more of an adult theme -- if he wants to prove he's more than a cute kid with glasses (or does he wear contacts now?). How about Megan Fox (age 21)? She's certainly got the sexy Angelina Jolie factor going on, but is she a good actress? Will she choose the right roles, or will she settle for stuff that puts her in tight clothing, and asks her to crawl around on the ground a lot? Michael Cera (age 19) is creating lots of buzz following Superbad and even more for the upcoming Juno -- but will his "Look, I stumble over my words a lot" shtick tire out in a year? Personally, the one person on this list who, guaranteed, will either be nominated or win an Oscar within the next couple of years is Ellen Page (age 20). She's more than impressed me with every role she's taken on, and is a fantastic actress with so much potential. I'd almost compare her to a young Jodie Foster, but I think she'll be better than Foster and cannot wait to see the stuff she takes on going forward.

So, head on over to Moviefone and check out their list. Are these really the hottest 25 Under 25? You be the judge.

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