It's October, Cinematical readers, and that means it's once again time for our ever-popular Halloween Costume Contest! Last year we had some truly impressive entries (that's last year's winner in the "Adult" category at the right!) from some very dedicated movie fans and fanatics.The attention to detail in some of the costumes was pretty remarkable.

Now that we're getting into our Halloween coverage, it's time for you to kick your creativity into high gear and start thinking about your own costume. Here's the scoop:

1. The contest officially begins on October 20. Starting that day (and no sooner) you will be able to submit your contest entries. Be sure to look for the post a day or so before that, announcing HOW to enter, and our fun-filled, official, legal rules.

2. Your contest entry must in some way be related to movies. It can be a character, a play on a movie title, a famous actor or director -- whatever. So long as it relates to film, and you're not nude (sorry, kids) you're good.

3. You will email your contest submission to the address we announce in the official kick-off post.

4. We'll post the finalist's pictures, and you -- yes, you! -- will vote in the comments for who you think should win. One vote per person/email address. And yes, if you enter, your friends and family can vote for you, and you can vote for yourself. But each vote will be counted ONCE and only once. Dupe votes will be tossed in the virtual shredder.

5. The winners in the kid and adult categories will each receive a Fabulous Cinematical Halloween Prize Package, which will consist of a groovy collection of horror DVDs selected by Cinematical staff. Each of us is choosing our personal favorite horror flicks for the adult prize package, and we'll have a nice prize for the kid winner, too.

That's it for now ... start thinking of those costumes, you only have 16 18 days* until the contest kicks off!

**Thanks for catching that, Tidmore. This post wasn't going to go out until the 4th, but we decided to bump it out early -- but we didn't catch changing that!