Num-num... Num-num... Birdie num-num!The infamous howdy part-ten-er house guest Hrundi V. Bakshi is making his way to the big screen once again it seems. Not only that -- but someone is ready to fill Peter Sellers' shoes. The New York Post says that Sacha Baron Cohen is looking to remake Blake Edwards' cult comedy, The Party. Apparently, the Borat frontman met Edwards at a screening of the flick in Santa Monica recently, and they were talking for a long time -- presumably about a remake.

Of course, this is only a rumor at this point, but is it one that we want to become a reality? Remakes have always been a part of the biz, there's no way around that, so the question becomes whether the remake can fly years later, and whether an actor can fill in the shoes. If anyone can pull off the innocently impish Hrundi, it's Sacha. But this definitely couldn't be a direct remake, because hippies and painted elephants just wouldn't make sense these days.

I'm thinking that it would retain some of the classic lines, but add a lot of political flavour -- a la Borat. But if that's the case -- couldn't he just make a whole new movie that is just loosely based on the original? The Party is a classic because of Sellers and its '60s strangeness. Is there any reason to stick to the original material, or should they just take the general idea and run with it? Or, do you love it so much that you can't bear the thought of a remake? Discuss.

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