Fans of the classic anime Astro Boy were probably relieved when Mark had reported last year that the new feature film would not be headed for a 'Hollywood' update. Instead, it was going to take a strictly 'classic' approach to creating an animated feature film -- albeit one with the latest technology. Latino Review has posted an early glimpse at the poster for the flick. I'll admit; I don't know much about Astro Boy (although I always did dig his groovy red 'Rocket Boots') but the eye catching one-sheet does command your attention whether you're a fan or not. Simple, and straight to the point -- which isn't necessarily an easy trick to pull off. The last anyone had heard from the film was in 2006 -- until last week, when IGN reported that Warner Brothers and The Weinstein Company had joined forces with Japan's ImagiAnimation Studios to distribute the film.

Originally broadcast on Japanese television in 1963, the story of Astro Boy is a relatively simple one. Astro Boy (aka Mighty Atom) is a cyborg who was abandoned by his creator and eventually taken in by a kindly professor. Atom then puts his super strength and skills to good use fighting crime and injustice -- usually battling other cyborgs or a variety of other kinds of technology gone awry. Plans for a feature film version have been kicked around since 2001, but it wasn't until last fall that Colin Brady was finally attached to direct. Brady has made a career in visual effects and animation, and Astro Boy will mark his second directorial effort (his first was Everybody's Hero, although he was uncredited). Astro Boy is scheduled for release in 2009.