Some have complained that Sundance and various other film festivals have become too focused on wheeling and dealing and buying and selling. The American Film Market, refreshingly, makes no bones about it: The purpose of the event is for people in the industry to buy and sell movies, period. It's not even called a "film festival." It's a market.

The 28th annual event will run Oct. 31-Nov. 7 in Santa Monica, and they've just announced that a whopping 522 feature films will play. Of those, 106 are world premieres, including Carnera (starring F. Murray Abraham and Paul Sorvino), Flick (Faye Dunaway), Mad Money (Katie Holmes, Diane Keaton, and Queen Latifah), and Smart People (Thomas Hayden Church, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Dennis Quaid).

The American Film Market is designed to be a place for film makers and film buyers to come together. Movies are sold, and deals are made for production of new films, too. The AFM reports that all the exhibition space has been sold, which means it's going to be filled to capacity with people involved in the independent film world. It's like ComicCon, but for indie movies.

Part of AFM coincides with an actual film festival, the AFI Fest, which runs Nov. 1-11 this year. AFM and AFI (that's the American Film Institute) have been partnered since 2004. Combined, they're one of the biggest film-industry gatherings in the world.

Check out AFM's site or the AFI Fest site for more details on what's happening in Tinseltown next month.
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