Oh, sure, everyone heard about the New York Film Festival opening last Friday. But did you know that another festival was having its opening-night party at the same time just 12 miles away? That'd be the Coney Island Film Festival, a raucous three-day event that isn't nearly as big as NYFF but that's probably twice as much fun.

James Israel at Indie Wire put together a delightful blog entry comparing the two fests in a comic-book style. For example: "At NYFF, actors Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton made an appearance, while Coney offered Serpentina and her incredibly large snake."

It's a very creative way of spotlighting both fests. Bonus: I'd never heard of the Coney Island Film Festival before, but I sure won't forget it now!

You see this kind of thing a lot, actually, where a city has multiple film festivals with widely divergent styles. New York is a huge city with plenty of fests, ranging from the glitzy Tribeca to the more indie-minded Big Apple Film Festival; from the critic-programmed NYFF to the goofy Coney Island. But what about tiny Park City, Utah? James Israel could do a strip very similar to this one, comparing the huge, increasingly corporate Sundance to the quirkier, more do-it-yourself Slamdance. Or look at Austin, home to both the fun-but-sometimes-serious South By Southwest and the all-crazy-all-the-time Fantastic Fest. SXSW is the kind of festival that would have a woman dancing with a snake; Fantastic Fest would have her eat it.
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