"I want us to be open to new experiences -- I want us to say 'yes' to everything." That's what Owen Wilson's character tells his two brothers throughout The Darjeeling Limited, but what if someone actually lived a year of their life while saying 'yes' to everything? Someone tries to sell you something. Yes! Your friends want to jump off a bridge for hell of it. Yes! That girl from work who's always had a crush on you, but kind of looks like a werewolf, asks you out on a date. Yes! Man, the adventures you'd go on -- the stories you'd be able to tell if you somehow survived the year. Unreal. Well get this -- some dude actually did this ... in real life. He wrote a book about it, they're turning it into a movie called Yes Man starring Jim Carrey and Variety tells us Bradley Cooper has signed on to star as Carrey's best mate.

The book, which is also called Yes Man, was written by Danny Wallace. He was the type of guy who said 'no' a lot, until one day someone on a bus told him to say 'yes' more often. So what does he do? He spends one year saying 'yes' to everything -- and at some point along the way, this helps him win $48,000. Damn. Maybe I should say 'yes' more often. Cooper has a number of film roles coming up (apart from his TV work on shows like Nip/Tuck), but moviegoers might best remember him as the slimy boyfriend of Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers. Peyton Reed (The Break Up) will direct Yes Man, which I imagine will take some cues from one of my favorite Carrey comedies, Liar Liar. They will probably use some stuff from the book, as well as introduce new scenarios in which saying 'yes' could get our hero in a lot of trouble. A romantic interest hasn't been cast yet -- and you know there's going to be one -- so be on the lookout for a cute female actress to make her way into the picture soon.

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