I could be real mean here and say that the new trailer for 27 Dresses provided me with approximately 27 reasons why not to see the film. Reason number one: When they're using the screenwriter as a main selling point (a screenwriter who adapted someone else's material, mind you), you know they're reaching. Nothing against screenwriters -- we love screenwriters here at Cinematical -- it's just when do they ever use the screenwriter to sell a trailer? Not often. But hey, it's got "Knocked Up'sKatherine Heigl!" Yup, that's reason number two -- they actually say "Knocked Up's Katherine Heigl" in the trailer. But if you've ever been a bridesmaid ... 27 times ... then I guess you'll find plenty of relatable material in 27 Dresses.

The film follows a girl (Heigl) who's been a bridesmaid 27 times (realistically, who in the world has been a bridesmaid 27 times?), but never quite found a man for herself. There's her good-looking pal James Marsden (who's prominently featured in the trailer), but he can't marry her till the end of the film. When her sister, as played by the dreadful (but hot) Malin Akerman, accidentally swipes away the man of her dreams (Ed Burns), our bridesmaid complains about it a lot and eventually starts thinking about herself, instead of others. That's about it. That's 27 Dresses. I'm sure there will be plenty of wedding-related laughs along the way, so all you men out there might need to take one for the team because ladies (especially ones looking to walk down the aisle) will want to run to theaters for this flick. 27 Dresses is set to take its vows on January 11.