When you have Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire starring opposite one another in a movie together, you know there needs to be a woman who can handle two of Hollywood's hottest actors (one of which is Spider-Man, might I add). And Variety tells us that Natalie Portman has been chosen to be that woman. The three beauties will be starring in Brothers, to be directed by Jim Sheridan, based on Susanne Bier's 2004 Danish-language film. If that triple threat billing doesn't get asses into seats, I don't know what will. David Benioff wrote the screenplay (for the remake), while Ryan Kavanaugh, Michael De Luca and Joni Sighvatsson will produce. Shooting will begin early next month.

The film revolves around two brothers; while one (Maguire) is sent to fight in Afghanistan, the other (Gyllenhaal) -- who's being pegged as "the black-sheep brother" -- is left home to care for his brother's wife (Portman) and child. Unfortunately, as messed up as he may or may not be, when your brother looks like Jake Gyllenhaal, I wouldn't expect things at home to remain kosher ... if you know what I mean. They're describing this one as a love triangle, so I'm sure things will heat up between Portman and Gyllenhaal while the girl's poor husband is off searching caves on the other side of the world. This seems like it's going to be one of those films that just hurts when you watch it. Not only is the wife screwing around, but she's doing it with your oddball brother? Ugh. I imagine I'll want to throw something at the screen about halfway through. Currently there's no release date set, but I imagine we'll see this arrive in theaters next fall.

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