OK, pop quiz!

Name three actresses who played Maid Marion.

Name five actors who played Dracula.

Name six actors who played Zorro.

Name fifteen actors who played Hamlet.

Name fifty actors who played Sherlock Holmes.

This gets pretty tough, doesn't it? Well, not with the IMDb's handy-dandy, brand-new, ultra-nifty character search it won't! The world's greatest movie resource just got 1.4 times more addictively clickable! You can just toss a character's name into the search bar, or you can search for Raiders of the Lost Ark and then just click on Indiana Jones. Like I said, nifty.

OK, so here's another pop quiz. And yes, you can cheat.

Name every actor who played Jason Voorhees, every actress who played Eve (from the Bible), and every horse that played Mr. Ed. (Good luck on that last one.)

(This message brought to you by the Scott Weinberg Loves IMDb Foundation.)
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