Random Thought of the Day: I wonder if last night's South Park episode will be nominated for an Emmy?

There are two things I really hate in this world: Going to a mall on Christmas Eve to buy presents for people, and coming down with a nasty head cold. A close third would be Michael Vick, but he's on a long list of people I'd like to see thrown out of an airplane at 35,000 feet without a parachute. Like most people, I try to avoid both the last-minute shopping and the awful sickness each year, but they always have a way of tracking me down. That said, I have a head cold right now, it's a bad one, and all I want to do is crawl into bed and await a slow, painful death. But there's news to report, and we don't get very many sick days in this business.

Last night, while speaking to Cinematical'sJames Rocky IV Rules over instant messenger, he suggested I throw on some Malick and let the director guide me into dreamland. Then came the following from James: "Have we ever done a Cinematical Seven on movies to watch when you're sick?" I don't believe we have, and I told James to whip up something for next month, but in the meantime I'd like to hear from some of you: what movies do you like to watch when you're sick? Do you tend to go for the comedy (watching South Park last night made me feel a whole lot better), do you like action-packed popcorn blockbusters, or are you more interested in a slow, quiet indie film -- the kind that puts you right to sleep? Do chime in with suggestions below; trust me, I desperately need them.

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