With a title like The Plucker, there are a few routes this could take. The flick could be a feel-good tale about a struggling esthetician whose day feels meaningless as she plucks the errant hairs of the masses, but finds life at night as a professional dancer. (If she can be a welder, why not a plucker?) The movie could also be the story of some person who spends their days plucking the missed feathers off of Thanksgiving turkeys. Or, maybe it's the anthropomorphic quest of a pair of tweezers? Or, none of the above.

Variety reports that New Line bought themselves the rights to The Plucker, an illustrated novel by Brom that came out a few years ago. This isn't the story of some tweezers, but instead, a jack-in-the-box. The toy "awakens beneath its owner's bed and realizes it has been relegated to a place where undesired playthings go to die. There, he discovers the Plucker, a malevolent spirit from a mysterious new toy that has evil designs on the young owner of the toys." According to Amazon, this weird toy is a spirit doll. Obviously, this is not quite what I was thinking.

Brom is an artist who has worked on films like Ghosts of Mars and Scooby-Doo, so chances are he will continue to be involved with the project, but as of yet, no director or writer are attached. Channing Tatum's name is, however, linked to the film because he brought the book to Temple Hill Entertainment.
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