Maybe because Halloween is just around the corner, Hollywood has vampires on the brain. Over the last couple of weeks, it seems like any "fang-related" property is getting the green light. So just days after news of a possible Fright Night remake, another cult favorite is going to suffer the same fate -- the bad news for me is that it is one of my favorites. The Hollywood Reporterannounced that Sam Bayer has been hired to direct a remake of the 1987 "Vampire Western", Near Dark. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, the original film starred Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) as a young man who is seduced by a girl into a gang of vampires led by Lance Henriksen. Rounding out the gang were Henriksen's former Aliens cast-mates Bill Paxton and Jeanette Goldstein.

Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes will be producing the flick and Disturbia scribe Christopher B. Landon will be in charge of the rewrite. In an interview with back in January, Dark's original writer, Eric Red, said that he had written a sequel but, "...the obstacles to a "NEAR DARK" prequel or sequel were similar to a proper "HITCHER" sequel. Rights issues. And crooked producer incompetence...". I guess Bay and company found a way to work it out, but opted to just do a straight remake instead. Bayer is a music video and commercial director, and has made videos for everyone from Nirvana to Justin Timberlake. Near Dark will be his first attempt at a feature film. So even if I try and look at this objectively, I can't help but think that the odds of topping the original are pretty slim.
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