Flashbacks are tricky. Unless you show the really young version and the much, much older version, it's just way too easy to spot how dissimilar two people are, rather than how they resemble each other. From the realms of Facebook, AICN nabbed a scoop about the upcoming Sex and the City: The Movie (I know, I know, what else is there to say!?) -- they're filming a flashback of the girls in the '80s, before love hardened them, and time wrinkled them. But here's the thing -- they're showing young women, not young girls, and they don't look like Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, or Kristin Davis.

Honestly, they're all attractive women, and I'm sure they will all do great jobs, but the only way I could tell who was supposed to be who were the outfits, and the fact that Miranda has red hair. (See the pics at AICN.) Yeah, it's tough since three of the four ladies have been recognizable since their youth, but come on! Six and the City pulled it off in their short spoof because, well, it was a spoof and the kids were teeny, tiny tots. I would much rather see no flashback, or maybe an animated one, or even one where makeup tried to make them all look young, rather than new actresses who bear little resemblance to the women they're supposed to become. (And this is ignoring any continuity clashes with the show's flashbacks.)

But at least there is still the present day, and what's that on the upper right? When I just went to link to IMDb, I got faced with one rather spastic looking bride. That's right, Carrie is getting hitched. Or, she's just having one hell of an elaborate wedding dream. I really like Carrie and Big together, but come on! (Yet again.) She's no classic bride, but huge feathers and pointy straplessness? Aiden is probably thanking the lord that he didn't succeed when he tried to force her down the aisle. Oy vey!

Then again, there's rumors going around that the production is filming false scenes to throw the masses off. Which are real? Which are fake? If I had my say, both of these suckers would be, but what would Sex and the City be without some tackiness?
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