I'm searching for the right word to describe this trailer, and I guess the best way to go would be to say it's fantastical. Like with most Tim Burton-directed films, Sweeney Toddlooks wonderful -- I love what he's done with the sets, and I especially love the way the trailer (most of which is dark and grim) suddenly bursts into color before falling back to eerie and sinister. The only issue I have with it -- and I can see why they didn't play this up more in the trailer -- is that, randomly, toward the end, Johnny Depp breaks out into song. Considering the fact that Sweeney Todd is based on a musical, and that there will be plenty of musical numbers included within, you'd think they'd tack on more of that here. Instead, we get a trailer for a movie that, if you weren't previously aware included a bunch of musical numbers, would have no idea after watching it -- and subsequently think that Depp singing scene was weird and out of place.

I imagine they wanted to leave the singing out in order to draw more people in. Fact is, musical-movies don't do so well unless they carry a lot of buzz, and I guess the idea here is to build the buzz off a trailer that doesn't advertise the musical aspect in order to surprise people with song and dance when they show up to the theater. Who knows. Regardless, the film, visually, looks pretty spectacular. I can't vouch for the singing since we don't see much of it at all, but based on what we do see, Depp gives another wicked performance as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for Burton's creations, and I'll definitely be there for this one. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is due out in theaters on ... December 21.