There are probably not that many examples of successful directing duos. Sure, The Wachowski's and The Coens immediately jump to mind, but I think in most cases the old adage of too many cooks spoiling the broth will hold true -- but I don't think it will this time. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury have officially signed to direct the remake of the 1987 horror, Hellraiser. The two directors were the team behind the French horror film, Inside (À l'intérieur). Judging by Scott's review of that film, the two seem to have a knack for some truly disturbing horror movie moments, which will be a perfect fit with the kinky vibe of Barker's original material.

Hellraiser centered on a man with a taste for suffering trapped in an alternate dimension. His lover is then forced into delivering victims to him in hopes of helping him escape. The film has been a cult favorite, let alone being considered one of the coolest horror films of the 1980's -- at least for Matt anyway. Last year, Scott had reported that Clive Barker was returning to rewrite the script but I guess he was not up to directing this time around. Although, with three screenplays in production, there doesn't seem to be a shortage of work for the fantasy horror novelist. Barker had turned in his first treatment for the film back in May, so one can only assume the script has been completed if they're already hiring directors. There is no word on any cast yet, but stay tuned for updates.
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