*cue Knight Rider theme song* Knight Industries Two Thousand is coming... or will it be Three Thousand? First, David Hasselhoff, aka Michael Knight, was looking at having a cinematic shot at the classic '80s show, and then came word that the series creator Glen A. Larson was working on the feature. Finally, The Hoff was trying to give the role of his son off to a certain passerby named Orlando Bloom. But now, there's more, and by more, I mean more news, and more Knight Rider. Oh yes, according to AICN, there will be not one, but two reappearances of KITT for Knight Rider fans.

Forget about thinking one sequel or remake is enough -- the time has come for the dueling features. How could two places have the same rights, you wonder? Well, one of these productions, Larson's, is heading for the big screen. Universal/NBC, however, is jealous, so they're going to make their own 2 hour movie/backdoor pilot. Basically, they own the television rights while Larson has the rights for the film. AICN's source says: "If this series is created by Universal, it is not being created to revive the series, nor is it to draw in new viewers for the fans. This series is Universal's attempt to couple together a sub-par rushed project and attach a big name to it with intentions to try and sideline the movie Glen has been working endlessly on getting to the big screen." I'm all for a well-down return of KITT, but is anyone else thinking that this NBC rush-job is a big, embarrassing waste of time? No wonder networks are struggling if this is the best they can come up with -- trying to beat the series creator to the punch.

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