During a very long and detailed blog entry over on his website, Kevin Smith "dropped the bomb" that The Weinstein Co. have officially passed on his planned "horror" flick Red State. As Kevin points out, this is the first time the Weinsteins have ever passed on one of his projects, which, in Kevin's mind, means it might be time to shack up with someone else on a film. And I love the way they passed; you will only here reasons like this in Hollywood, folks. Here, from Kevin himself: "The only explanation Michael gives me is 'Harvey thought it was more of a Bob flick and then Bob didn't get it. They'd rather just concentrate on 'Zack and Miri' at the moment, which we're all pumped about.'" I mean, I can see why they passed -- Smith is known for his raunchy slice-of-life comedy, and the chances the Weinsteins have taken in the last year (ahem, Grindhouse) haven't paid off so well. Zack and Miri is more along the lines of what Smith's fans are used to, and so they'd rather go with that over his "experimentation film."

But I'll be real honest with you, and Kevin kind of says the same thing -- I have a feeling the Weinsteins are passing on something good. I haven't read the script for Red State (though I'd love to), but I can't be the only one who's dying to see Smith flirt with something completely out of his comfort zone. Here's how Smith reacts to the news: "It might be nice to see if we can get something done without them. Whether it'll be nice or not, however, it's what's in the cards, as they don't feel the flick is very commercial. And, in truth, on the surface, it may not be - unless we get the buzz I think we'll get off the festival circuit. Regardless, it's not something we'll have to think about 'til after we're done with "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." So, as of now, Red State is on hold. Should Zack and Miri kill at the box office, I'm sure the Weinsteins will be back in Kev's ear, itching for another comedy. But I hope he sticks to his guns, and goes after Red State. It'll find a home, I'm sure, and I'd really love to see it.

Of Note: It appears Seth Rogen is rumored to be up for the part of Zack in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. How interesting would that be if the Apatow world mixed with Smith's Askewverse? I'd dig it -- you?

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