I'm so not a fan of most science fiction, but man, Doctor Who fills me with fangirl glee. Even when the show gets almost too campy to bear, I'm there, eating it up -- but even with its misses and sometimes-silliness, the show has done a great job of bringing the series into the next century. And hey -- any show that can survive the loss of their main character, Christopher Eccleston, and bring on the likes of David Tennant, well, they know what they're doing. Why does this matter to Cinematical? Well, just the other day, The Guardian announced that the BBC might be considering another Doctor Who movie.

The details: Jane Tranter, the BBC controller of fiction, talked about a BBC move and said: "This move is not about making feature films about things that are on the television -- those ideas are staring us in the face already and may seem too obvious." However, when asked about Who: "I would not rule out a film version of Doctor Who, no." Sure, she only said she wouldn't rule it out, but that statement coming after the previous one is telling. Of course, it's understandable that they would look into features since the show is doing so damned well for the BBC. I can only hope that if they do, we get more Tennant, and please, oh please, more Captain Jack Harkness. What say you?
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