If you've seen the horror flick Hatchet, you might have preconceived notions about filmmaker Adam Green, and therefore about Spiral, which he co-directed with Joel David Moore, and which screened at Fantastic Fest a year after Hatchet played there so successfully. But you'd be wrong -- this film has very little in common with the old-school horror of Hatchet. Spiral is an odd film, a combination of indie-relationship film and thriller that stands on the precipice of gory horror and threatens to dive into a potential bloodbath.

The action -- or the hint that action might occur -- focuses around Mason (Joel David Moore), an asthmatic painter with an almost pathological lack of social skills, who appears to be harboring some dark nasty secrets. He works in a dull insurance company, where his longtime best friend Berkeley (Zachary Levi) is his boss. As Mason sits at lunch, flipping through a book of sketches of a woman who has been haunting his dreams, another woman starts a conversation with him. Amber (Amber Tamblyn) also works in his building, and slowly makes friends with Mason. She agrees to pose for paintings that he sketches out beforehand. It all seems quite sweet, the awkward guy and the cute girl ... but what happened to his previous model, and what will he decide to do about (or with) Amber?
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