The premise of Finishing the Game is irresistable for a certain type of film geek: a comedy fictionalization of the search for "the next Bruce Lee." The mockumentary doesn't quite live up to the potential of this premise, but it has enough hilarious moments to distract you from its inconsistencies.

The movie is based on a real-life event: When Bruce Lee died in 1973, he left a significant amount of footage for the film Game of Death -- enough footage that producers wanted to complete the film and promote it heavily as Lee's last movie. But they needed a stand-in who resembled Lee, to finish production on Game of Death. Finishing the Game is an imagining of how the search for Lee's replacement might have gone, filmed in documentary format. The movie focuses on several contenders for Lee's stand-in, most of whom don't look a thing like Lee: a bearded medical doctor named Raja (Mousa Kraish), small-town Alabama actor Cole Kim (Sung Kang), the extremely white Tarrick Tyler (McCaleb Burnett) and my favorite, Z-movie actor Breeze Loo (Roger Fan), star of Fists of Fuehrer, who claims Lee has had no effect on his career. Novice director Ronny Kirschenbaum (Jake Sandvig) and his jaded casting director Eloise Gazdag (Meredith Scott Lynn) have to pick among these and other Lee wanna-bes.