A lot of movies have more than a dozen names listed as "producers" or "executive producers." Often, those people nothing to do with the actual filmmaking process -- but they helped raise the money for it, either by securing investors or by ponying up the dough themselves, and for that very important work they're rewarded with a "producer" credit.

That's where filmmaker Dan Harville has taken it to the next level. He's selling producer credits for his upcoming Mormon-themed romantic comedy For Tom and All Eternity on eBay. That's right, this is your chance to have your name on a film as its producer -- provided you can win the bidding, that is, which starts at $49,999. Oh, and if the top bid is more than $100,000, that person gets to be the executive producer!

The lucky winner or winners won't have any say in the film's creative process, because the film is already done. That means Harville has gone about this backwards: Usually you come up with the money before you make the movie. I e-mailed him to ask what's up with that, and he said, "I am looking for additional funds to help with promotions and prep for DVD production in case I don't get distribution." Whether it goes to theaters first or straight to DVD, either way, those things cost money -- and Harville has already spent plenty of his own on the actual production of the film.

So what do you get if you win? Your name in the credits, of course, and on IMDb. You also get 1% ownership of the film, which could mean a return on your investment if the movie is financially successful. People outside of Utah aren't generally aware of it, but there have been close to three dozen Mormon-themed movies -- from religious dramas to silly comedies -- released since 2000. Some have gone on to make as much as $4 million dollars at the box office, while others have utterly tanked. I have no idea how For Tom and All Eternity will do, but hey, wouldn't it be cool to have your name on a movie anyway?

(Thanks to my old friend and colleague Sean P. Means of The Salt Lake Tribune for the tip!)
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