Just when you think you've seen it all -- and just when you were sick of all these damn lists -- comes Film Threat's four-parter on the fifty best breasts (aka boobs, aka ta-tas) in movie history. Now they don't seem to target specific films and characters within those films; this is more of a fifty best breasts in Hollywood history, as the list centers more on the actresses -- the women -- than the roles they've taken on. My favorite part of this list has to do with the fact that they included YouTube clips featuring all of the actresses in their best, well, attire (my personal favorite has to be the clip for Chesty Morgan). Some of the clips are from films, others are these weird stalker-ish montages -- nevertheless, it's all worth a look.

By now you're probably wondering who made their list. Well, noticeably absent is Angelina Jolie (who I would've thrown on there, if only for that ultra-sexy Tomb Raider outfit). Earlier ladies include Mae West, Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge, Elizabeth Taylor, Jayne Mansfield and the lovely Sophia Loren. We also have a little of Raquel Welch, Tura Santana and Pam Grier. Some more recent ladies include Jennifer Connelly (and yes, they include video of the scene with her riding the horse in Career Opportunities), Monica Bellucci, Jennifer Tilly, Scarlett Johansson and Rosario Dawson (video from her Clerks II dance -- gotta love it!). And of course, how could they leave off those busty animated characters; Jessica Rabbit rounds out the list of fifty.

I should also note that this list was created to help raise awareness for the American Cancer Society, considering it's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So it's all for fun and a good cause; hopefully no one will be offended. That said, I've included the Chesty Morgan video after the jump because, quite frankly, it's all kinds of awesome. Do you agree with their list, or are there breasts women they left out? (Um, I'd like to be first in asking where Salma Hayek, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Carla Gugino, Eva Mendes and -- heck -- Lindsay Lohan are, just to name a few ...)

[via Hollywood Elsewhere]

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