Eventually every second-tier director will have his own film about Iraq. And yet I never thought someone as low on the tier as Simon West would actually get one so soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the guy who made Con Air(it's so bad, but oh so good), Lara Croft: Tomb Raider(its so bad, but -- no but) and the remake of When a Stranger Calls(no comment) will attempt an adaptation of Thunder Run: The Armored Strike to Capture Iraq, which was written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Zucchino. West will produce and direct from a script penned by Zucchino himself. The book, which was written first-hand by the Los Angeles Times correspondent, follows the U.S. military entrance, or "thunder run", into Baghdad in April 2003 and subsequent battle for the capital city. West compared the feeling he got from reading Zucchino's book to reading Black Hawk Down, which he found and developed as an executive producer.

The important thing to remember, though, is that West didn't end up directing Black Hawk Down. The great Ridley Scott did, and it ended up a flawed but ultimately well-made film. Show me somebody in Hollywood who honestly thinks West is capable of the same work, and I'll eat this blog. And I mean this person would have to take a lie detector test and prove to me that he or she really, really thinks this is going to be good enough to garner West his own Oscar nomination (as Scott received for BHD) and not just an easy-money attempt at the current trend of Iraq War-based movies. The latter is more likely the case for the six producers besides West, which includes Randall Emmett and George Furla (both of the Wicker Man remake), and five executive producers, which includes BHD's writer Ken Nolan. There has yet to be a dramatic feature about the war that's as good as the many docs on the subject, and I can definitely promise this will not be the movie to achieve that status. At least it probably won't be as bad as West's proposed Dalí biopic would be.
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