Frank Miller productions certainly know how to rack up the attractive women, unless, of course, the flick in question is about a graphic war or something. The Spirit has already got the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Stana Katic, and Sarah Paulson, but it isn't quite bursting at the seams yet. Now Variety reports that Paz Vega (Spanglish) has been added to the cast, along with Sin City alum Jaime King (Goldie). Is there any chance now that men won't be going to the theaters in hordes to see this?

The Spirit is not some cheerleader story, but rather the tale of a rookie cop named Denny Colt who returns from the dead to fight evil in Central City. The latest cast additions are playing what Booklist describes as "two of [Will] Eisner's most dangerous femmes fatale." Vega will play the knife-wielding, "treacherous French nightclub dancer" (and wonderfully named) Plaster of Paris, while King will play Lorelei Rox, "a siren who lured truck drivers to their doom." Paris considers herself "the toast of Monmartre, I stick to my man until death us do part!" While Lorelei, on the other hand, sings "a hypnotic song that mesmerizes her victims." (Go here for Rox and more Spirit characters.) Methinks they'll both be great. How about you? Are these actresses right for the roles, and are you reading for a little Spirit?

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