Last week, I posted that Wesley Snipes had backed out of Spike Lee's upcoming period drama Miracle at St. Anna, due to his legal woes and international travel issues. (The young Derek Luke was surprisingly tapped to take his place.) While Snipes can't head to Europe for a big, Lee dramatic production, he was somehow able to head north and cross the border into Canada for other work, it seems. Moviehole reports that he "has spent the majority of October [sic] filming The Art of War 2" in BC." Since we're only a week into October, and the original is in DC, methinks there are a few typos. Or, even though there has been lots of warnings lately about border control, Snipes' tax woes weren't enough to keep him from heading north.

At first, they say, he wasn't going to star in the sequel, but maybe money problems and traveling issues inspired him to reconsider. Snipes starred in The Art of War in 2000; it was a mid-range, generally-forgotten action movie that starred him as UN covert op that uses questionable means to keep the peace. However, then he's framed for the murder of a bunch of Vietnamese refugees, and he has to find the answers in the typical wrongly-accused film fashion. The film isn't quite the blockbuster that is itching for a sequel (although that's never stopped filmmakers before), but I wonder if we'll now see Snipes revisiting more of his lesser-known roles to get a good payroll going to help his tax woes. If not, he might want to try to break up Pam and Rick and get in on his sex-for-money offers.
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