Sorry, this post isn't about Anne Hathaway. She's not throwing in her tiaras and Prada for dirty engagements. (She already got risque in Havoc, but that wasn't so pretty.) Instead, it's the producer of The Princess Diaries, Debra Martin Chase, who is getting into The Dirty Girls Social Club. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that she will team up with writer/producer Nely Galan to bring Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez's novel, which she adapted herself, to the big screen.*

Social Club is about a group of Latina women in their late twenties who became friends at Boston University and continue their friendship by coming together every few months. Parts of the novel are narrated by each woman -- Lauren writes a column for the Boston Globe and has a thing for loser men, Usnavys is looking for a man who makes as much as she does and has expensive taste, Rebecca is a magazine publisher struggling to be a good wife as well, Elizabeth is a television anchor with a secret, Sara is a Martha Stewart-like homemaker, and Amber is in LA, trying to be a musician.

On the one hand, this'll be a great potential hit for Latina women, and Galan says: "Knowing how Latinas love novelas, I think Alisa has written the ultimate aspirational novela with six women at the helm that represent all different parts of Latino culture." On the other hand, this is coming to us from Galan. While she is the former president of entertainment at Telemundo, and is an honoree today for THR's 25 Hispanic Women in Entertainment, she's also the woman behind The Swan. Remember that show? It had that oh-so-inspirational premise where "ugly" women go under the knife to become beautiful. This is a different story, so hopefully it will be free of such superficial and drastic themes.

*Edited thanks to Valdes-Rodriguez's corrections.
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