One of the films I'm most excited to see this fall is Gone Baby Gone, Ben Affleck's directorial debut. The film has already received lots of Oscar buzz, but is that a curse or a blessing for Affleck's first time behind the camera? Granted, he's working off strong material in that the flick is based on a book written by Dennis Lehane (Mystic River), and he has one heckuva cast to boot -- but if the film is a huge success, will the expectations for Affleck's next directorial gig become too great? Something tells me he's not thinking that far ahead; Affleck has already gone on record saying this film will either make or break his Hollywood career -- saying, at one point, "It's pretty simple. If people don't go see it -- I'm f**ked." If you compared it to baseball, I guess you could say Affleck is batting in the ninth inning of game seven of the World Series with two outs, a man on third and his team down by a run.

Here's my theory on Ben Affleck: He needs to play the villain (or d*ck) more often. Two of my all-time favorite Affleck performances came from the films Boiler Room and Dazed and Confused -- both of which found him taking on the role of a**hole. In fact, his monologue halfway through Boiler Room ranks up there as one of my favorites ... ever. When he plays the good guy -- the dude you want to get the girl -- it just doesn't work. Hopefully we'll see more of that from him in the future. In the meantime, Gone Baby Gone held its premiere in Hollywood last night, and we've got a gallery full of photos for you to check out. Note: Why does Casey Affleck always look like he's three minutes away from crapping his pants? And if there's ever one guy in desperate need of a sun tan, it's Jason Mewes. So check out the photos below, and we'll be bringing you our review of Gone Baby Gone when it hits theaters on October 19.

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