There's a great trio of indie DVD releases to choose from this week. When she saw Man Push Cart at Sundance early last year, our own Kim Voynar called it "a beautifully executed film ... about perseverance in the face of emptiness and seemingly insurmountable odds, and yet it isn't a cliched, all's well that ends well film." Writer/director Ramin Bahrani follows the daily life of Ahmad (Ahmad Razvi), a former pop star in Pakistan who now struggles to make a living as a pushcart vendor in New York City. The DVD from Films Philos includes an audio commentary as well as two short films by the director.

In her review of the Romanian picture 12:08 East of Bucharest, Martha Fischer declared it to be the funniest film she saw at the Toronto festival last year. As Martha wrote, "set in a small town outside of Bucharest on December 22, 2005 ... the movie documents the efforts of Jderescu (Teodor Corban), a textile engineer/TV station owner, to assemble a panel for a live TV show on the revolution, and then to keep that show in order, once it goes on-air." Tartan Films' DVD includes an audio commentary by the director.

Ulrich Thomsen stars as a famous pianist who returns to his native Denmark in Christoffer Boe's drama Allegro. Sean Axmaker at GreenCine Daily wrote: "Boe takes the handheld work and naturalistic performance style in his own direction, weaving it through a romantic fantasy of troubled love that reveals the impossibility of remaining unhurt in our emotional lives." The DVD from Koch Lorber is a bit light, with only a "making of" feature as an extra, but Boe is definitely a director to watch. His first feature, Reconstruction, was very good, and his latest, Offscreen, which I saw at Fantastic Fest, is mesmerizing, so Allegro sounds like it's definitely worth a rental.