For months we've been mentioning that upcomingstrike, remember? Well, we might have to forget about that priority list now, and all of those films on the fast track. While the contract is set to expire on October 31, everyone was expecting that the strike wouldn't happen until half-way through next year. Now it seems that the strike must just happen when the current contract fizzles into history, because current negotiations have been quite acidic. Variety reports that execs are starting to realize that the strike might just be a few weeks away, on November first, and that a "possible lockout is also being discussed."

One VP is quoted as saying: "We are trying to get as much stuff as possible shoved through." There's nothing like that image being used to describe a creative process. I particularly like the use of "shove." The VP isn't hurrying to get projects underway, but shoving as many through as he/she can. Nice. With that mindset, it's not hard to see why the writers are ticked.

So, as of now, the studios are ignoring spec scripts, and "are pretty much limiting themselves to making deals on fully-developed packages." WGA West's Patric Verrone says: "What I'm hearing from our screenwriters and showrunners is that they're being asked to schedule additional table reads, prepare additional scripts, and squeeze in more shows, which may be physically impossible in that amount of time." If writers are getting overloaded like work mules, I won't be surprised if everything comes to a screeching halt come Halloween. That being said, Variety did note that animation writing isn't under the WGA umbrella, so we might see more of that. If you want to know all of the areas this strike will hit (like the impact on television), check out the article.
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