For those of you hoping this is about the band, I feel you. I want nothing more than a movie explaining how Mark McGrath and the rest went from originally being a mod band to releasing a generic single like "Mean Machine" to hitting big with a completely different style with "Fly". But no, this post is about a Sugar Ray Leonard biopic. According to Variety, the boxer's life story will be made into a film by actor Kevin Pollak. Pollak will produce with his company, Red Bird Cinema, and is thinking of casting himself in the title role. Yeah, just kidding there -- he's good at impersonations, but not that good. Pollak isn't writing the film either, despite having just written a screenplay for another sports movie, 3 Nights in August, which is about 2003 baseball series between the Cardinals and the Cubs. The interesting thing is that that movie is based on a book by the Pulitzer Prize-winning sports journalist Buzz Bissinger (Friday Night Lights), who will now be scripting this Sugar Ray movie. Producing with Pollak are his Red Bird partners John Loar and Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa,

I've never been a boxing fan, nor do I care much for most boxing movies, so I can't offer too much excitement here. As a kid, Sugar Ray Leonard was just a guy who was heavily advertised on HBO while I was waiting for BMX Banditsor some other cable-TV staple of the '80s to come on. I also know that he's the person Sugar Ray named their band after. I didn't even understand as a kid why guys like Sugar Ray never fought guys like Mike Tyson, who was the only other boxer I'd heard of growing up. But despite my lack of sports knowledge, I do know Sugar Ray was a great boxer, being one of only two guys to win world championships in five different weight classes, and he had his ups and downs and went in and out of retirement a few times. I'm not sure of how dramatic his life will be on screen, but I guess he'll provide enough material for a by-the-books biopic at the very least. Now, if only Pollak can secure Sugar Ray to do the soundtrack.
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