They say there's nothing new any more, but we're about to get a breath of fresh air. But watch out! That air will make you switch teams -- if you like girls, you'll be aching for some testosterone, and if you like boys, you'll be looking for the estrogen. While surfing my feeds today, I came across this tasty gem from FilmStew. They report that Robert Englund, Mr. Freddy Krueger himself, will star in an upcoming horror comedy called Horror in the Wind.*

Now, FilmStew says that this wind changes your gender, but Revision Studios, who are backing the project, say it's sexual orientation. The flick, written and directed by Get Your Stuff'sMax Mitchell, is about "two biogeneticists who invent an airborne formula that reverses the whole world's sexual orientation." Can you imagine? One day the dude who rants against homosexuality will find himself rubbing up against other men, dreaming about them, and wanting nothing more than lots of hot guy-on-guy action. Now that is poetic justice. The film, which is currently shooting in New Mexico, will star Englund as one of the biogeneticists, according to the site, although Revision doesn't have him on the cast list yet. Now I can only hope that the film will be even half as good as all the potential ways it's playing out in my head. Will this be the next Rocky Horror cult classic?

*It seems that some are just super-anxious to see Robert Englund get his orientation changed, as Max Mitchell commented below, there is no truth to his involvement. Regardless, it's one hell of an idea!
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