So I guess it's getting to that time of the year where people start shelling out their lists, checking them twice, and, in this case, rip out the pages to plaster them all over the wall. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Esquire Magazine has officially declared Charlize Theron to be the "sexiest woman alive." Here's my problem with this: Did Esquire scour the globe, in and out of neighborhoods, whilst conducting their search? Because, surely, if you're going to claim someone is the "sexiest woman alive," then I'd hope you looked at thousands upon thousands of women. I think not -- for example, my wife wasn't interviewed. And she's pretty damn sexy. So what gives?

Since previous winners include Scarlett Johansson,Jessica Biel and Angelina Jolie, something tells me this list isn't the "sexiest woman alive;" it's more like, "the sexiest woman in Hollywood." And that's fine -- I understand how people wait all year for this list to be announced so that they can run home and snort jelly beans off the glossy cover -- but why advertise it as the "sexiest woman alive" when you're only looking at famous people? Are these the only women that count? Is that what Esquire wants us to believe? Are our mothers, sisters, friends and wives not sexy because they're not members of some elite group? During her interview with the magazine, Theron said, "I'm drawn to ambiguity." So she's the sexiest woman alive ... and she's drawn to ambiguity! Oh, and about her role in Reindeer Games: "That was a bad, bad movie. But ... I got to work with John Frankenheimer. I wasn't lying to myself -- that's why I did it." Hey, at least she's honest. That's kind of sexy.

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